Making press molds for plastics

PetPro company carries out  a wide range of servicesrelated with the production of steel molds for the molding of rubber, plastics, rubber.

What kind of press forms do we produce?

We produce different mold: with a variety of plane connectors; V; with different ejection systems; with the use of hydraulics, including hot and cold channels for injection molding forming.

Stages of production molds for casting of plastics:

· Submit an order and define terms of reference;

· Next we design the mold, coordinating the time of manufacture;

· We make mold and inform you about the progress of work;

· Experience a qualitative form of equipment and materials;

· Produce a test casting on the TPA, we send you the report and some notes on technical aspects;

· We modify the mold according to your wishes.

Production of plastic products, molds, production of PET products on order of any shape and color

We provide a wide range of plastic products of various types, shapes, colors and ways of performing. We also quickly perform the required scale of the order and deliver the products to your warehouse.

Injection molding on injection molding machines

If a customer provide their own forms, we are also able to manufacture products with extrusion method.

The ever increasing demand for plastic products has allowed the company PetPro quickly and confidently occupy the market niche in  Ukraine and Europe as well. Due to the high professionalism of our team and technology technology we are interested in our partners and also look forward to meet some competitors who perhaps will be our future partners.